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Helping kids since 1999
Providing Laptop Computers and Internet Access to Maintain Communication with Vital Support Network
Any teen will tell you that communicating with friends, family and school is about as important as it gets. Now consider the child, of any age, who is hospitalized, sometimes far from home. Communication literally becomes a lifeline.
That's where KINfolk can help. Since 1999, KINfolk has been lending laptop computers and Internet access to children whose lives have been disrupted by disease and injury. These children crave the sense of normalcy that online messages and homework assignments provide. Many KINfolk kids have been able to graduate on time because they had the use of a KINfolk computer.

Our laptops provide children nationwide and their families a means of communication with friends, family, clergy and teachers - the very people who love and support them at a time when they need it most. Our laptops are loaded with games and fun sites for kids along with Internet filters to prevent access to undesirable sites.

In short, with generous corporate donations of laptop computers, operating systems, Internet access and filters and tracking software, we keep kids entertained and thinking about something other than their illness.

Nurses, social workers and child life specialists love our program because kids who are not bored, who are distracted from pain and who can stay in touch with their support network are much happier patients.
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    Free Help to Children
    Children of all ages can take advantage of our volunteer services. Patients need a distraction when in an unusual environment.
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    Support networks
    All children need a support network. Kinfolk laptops help them stay in touch with friends and family during this time of need.
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    KINFolk is supported by volunteers who deliver, clean and maintain our laptops. Volunteers also assist children in getting online and using donated software and hardware.